Storm damaged tree limbs stacked on a residential curb.

Beginning June 22, CWD will begin sweeping the entire City for storm related debris / brush. We appreciate your continued patience as storm cleanup is still estimated to take up to 1 month.

The debris removal process will continue until every street in city limits has been covered. This will be a one-time sweep of the city so if your debris is not out when CWD comes by your home, they will not return to pick it up.

In order to ensure your debris is picked up, please have it out by June 21st.

CWD will complete the sweep as quickly as possible, however, this is addition to their day-to-day operations so it may take multiple weeks before it is completed.

Cut limbs to 5-7 foot lengths, weighing no more than 150 pounds. Smaller limbs enable crews to use rear loaders and other equipment in addition to the large claw truck. Larger limbs (10-12 foot lengths) will take longer to collect.

Place limbs, neatly stacked, curbside clear of mailboxes, fire hydrants, cars, fences, trees, water meters, etc. All material should be at the curb for collection, not in the street. Material not placed out by June 21st will not be collected as part of this storm cleanup.

Most storm cleanup will occur on the weekend as CWD continues to run its regular trash/recycle routes. Remember, the extent of the storm has stretched available resources throughout our City and many others. There is only so much equipment available for debris removal. We understand your frustration but are unable to provide a specific day of service for residents due to the many variables crews face, including landfill wait times.

Free Drop-Off: Residents have the ability to bring storm related debris to the roll off containers located at City Hall until Monday, June 24th. Please do not overload the containers if they are full.

Remember, professional services should include an option to remove and dispose of storm debris from your property. If you are going to use a tree service/contractor, they must haul away the debris after work is completed, not place at the curb for CWD to collect.

Oncor Vegetation Management

With the recent storm damage to trees and vegetation Oncor have provided a summary of their vegetation management.

  1. Mission and Focus:
    • Oncor’s Vegetation Management program aims to proactively minimize vegetation-related hazards to protect customers and prevent power outages.
    • Routine tree pruning, storm damage mitigation, and responsible tree planting are key components of this program.
  2. Distribution Network:
    • The electric distribution network delivers power from substations to homes and businesses through overhead wires and underground cables.
    • Trees near distribution equipment can cause outages, so proper vegetation management is crucial for safety and reliability.
  3. Safety Measures:
    • Per Texas state law, only line clearance certified personnel approved by Oncor can work within 6 feet of high voltage lines.
    • Non-certified personnel should stay at least 10 feet away from high voltage lines.
    • To report hazardous tree situations near power lines, customers can call Oncor at 888.313.6862.
  4. Transmission Network:
    • Tree trimming and mowing are essential for long-term grid reliability of transmission towers.
    • Oncor maintains transmission rights-of-way to reduce costs and prevent clearance violations.
    • Easements grant Oncor access to remove trees and obstructions.
    • Safety and preservation of endangered species are also considered.

For more detailed information, you can refer to Oncor’s FAQ Page.

Emergency Alert Update


To the residents of McLendon-Chisholm, I wanted to issue a statement to make sure that the citizens that were impacted by the alert sent last night by RCOEM was made for the safety of the citizens. With the storms and amount of water that we had coming into the reservoir and with the amount of land erosion we felt it best to alert those that would be impacted if there were a failure in the dam.

In talking with our Fire Chief and RCOEM we made that decision.

During the night we monitored the site by being on scene as well as monitoring the weather. We made a trail of stakes so that we could watch any shifting in the ground. When we came back on scene again at 1 :00am there was good news that none of the ground had shifted. After we saw the storms were clear from McLendon-Chisholm and we felt that the situation was in hand we made that choice to follow up with other county assistance in the morning to get more eyes on the situation. When walking the line this morning we felt there had been more shifting in the soil and collapsing. At this time, we continued to have the pump come from Ellis County.

Once the state representative with Water and Soil was on scene we made an assessment that the dam was functioning. While there is damage the dam is safe. The citizens should not be concerned. With that we are still going to monitor the dam. The dam has been inspected by the state today and last was inspected in 2023.

The damage will be addressed, and we will work on repairing the dam. We appreciate all the assistance from City Officials, RCOEM, RCSO and the MCFD.

Thank you

Bryan McNeal

Aerial shot of McLendon-Chisholm City Hall.

Newly-elected Mayor Bryan McNeal, Place 1 Council member Paul Day, Place 2 Council member Michael Easter and Place 4 Council member Jerry Brewer took the Oath of Office at the May 14 City Council Meeting.

Mayor Short presents CAC proclamation

Mayor Keith Short officially recognized April as Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month in the City and urged all citizens to participate in this vital cause, at the last City Council meeting on April 9.

The Children’s Advocacy Center for Rockwall County, established in 2016, offers trauma-informed care to children in Rockwall County. It operates as an interagency, multi-disciplinary partnership committed to providing intervention, hope, and healing for abused and neglected children. The center provides a safe, child-friendly environment where professionals from law enforcement, child protective services, prosecution, medical, and mental health fields collaborate within the community to develop coordinated strategies for seeking justice and promoting healing for child abuse victims.

In a national effort, Rockwall County community members are encouraged to unite throughout April to raise awareness about child abuse and neglect. This collective endeavor aims to provide abused and neglected children both locally and across the country with an opportunity for a safe and positive future.


Planning and Zoning Open Position

Are you passionate about the future development and growth of McLendon Chisholm? If so, we invite you to consider joining our Planning & Zoning Commission.

The Planning & Zoning Commission plays a vital role in shaping the future landscape of our city. As a member, you will have the opportunity to contribute your expertise, insights, and vision to the decision-making process regarding land use, zoning ordinances, development proposals, and more. Your input will directly impact the character, functionality, and livability of McLendon Chisholm for years to come.

We are seeking dedicated individuals who are committed to serving their community and possess a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

Key responsibilities of Planning & Zoning Commission members include:

  • Reviewing and making recommendations on zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, and comprehensive plans.
  • Evaluating development proposals and site plans to ensure compliance with established regulations and guidelines.
  • Conducting public hearings and soliciting community input on planning and zoning matters.
  • Collaborating with city officials, developers, and stakeholders to promote responsible growth and development.
  • Upholding the values of transparency, equity, and sustainability in all decision-making processes.

By joining our Planning & Zoning Commission, you will be part of a dedicated team working towards a shared vision of a vibrant, thriving McLendon Chisholm. Your contributions will help preserve our community’s unique character while fostering smart, sustainable growth.

If you are ready to make a difference and play a meaningful role in shaping the future of McLendon Chisholm, we encourage you to submit your application today.

To apply please complete our Board & Commission Application and return to City Hall.

Thank you for considering this important opportunity to serve your community.

Kids Easter Egg Hunt at the 2024 Easter Eggstravaganza in McLendon Chisholm.

The joy of Easter was in the air as the City of McLendon-Chisholm hosted its annual Easter Eggstravaganza, a cherished event that is becoming a community tradition and brings together families from all corners of the community.

Atmos Energy Take The Pledge Banner.

Atmos Energy is urging homeowners and contractors to prioritize safety when digging by calling 811 before starting any project. April is National Safe Digging Month and serves as a reminder to spread safety awareness and reduce the likelihood of damaging underground utility lines. ​

By calling 811 a few days before digging, you will be connected to a local notification center that will communicate the information to local utility companies. ​Professional locators will then mark the approximate location of underground utility lines. Atmos Energy encourages homeowners to plan ahead, confirm that all lines have been marked, and consider moving the location of their project if it is near utility line markings.

As part of National Safe Digging Month, Atmos Energy asks everyone to become a safety ambassador by taking the Atmos Energy Call 811 Pledge at

Please visit for complete information.


Spring Cleanup Graphic

Saturday, April 20, 2024 – 7:00 A.M. -12:00 Noon

City Hall, 1371 WEST FARM MARKET ROAD 550

Proof of Residency Required
The City of McLendon-Chisholm Code Compliance Department is partnering with Community Waste Disposal (CWD) Services to sponsor the 4th Annual McLendon-Chisholm – Spring Cleanup Campaign. This event will be held at City Hall on Saturday, April 20th from 7:00 A.M. to 12:00 noon.

While residents are dropping off accepted items, volunteers will be picking up litter off the roadway.

Bulk Items ACCEPTED at ROLLO FF location:

  • Non-Freon Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Scrap Metal
  • Lumber
  • Mattresses/Box Springs

Bulk Items NOT ACCEPTED at ROLLOFF location:

  • Freon Appliances
  • Automotive products and parts
  • Chemicals / Paint/ Tires
  • Demolition/ construction debris
  • Brush/ tree limbs
  • TV’s

Thank you for helping to keep the city of McLendon-Chisholm looking clean and attractive.


Spring Clean-Up map of dumpster location

Proclamation for Courtney Miller.
Proclamation for Courtney Miller.

From left: Council members Paul Day, Dan Tucker, Mayor Pro Tem Adrienne Belkum, Eagle Scout Courtney Miller and Council Member Floyd McLendon.

In a heartfelt proclamation issued on February 13th, 2024, Adrienne Balkum, Mayor Pro Tem of McLendon-Chisholm, Texas, shone a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of Courtney J. Miller, a trailblazing member of Scouts BSA Troop 1524 in Rockwall County.

From her pioneering role as the troop’s first female scout to her recent attainment of the prestigious Eagle rank on September 25th, 2023, Courtney’s journey in scouting is nothing short of inspirational. Along the way, she has amassed an impressive array of accomplishments, including earning 31 merit badges, Bronze and Gold Palms, and taking on various leadership roles within her troop.

Courtney’s dedication to service is equally commendable, with 181 hours of total service contributed during her scouting tenure. Notably, her impactful Eagle Scout project, “Helping Those in Poverty with Toiletries,” brought together the community to assist over 170 people in need, showcasing her commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of others.

Beyond her local community, Courtney’s outdoor adventures and leadership pursuits have taken her far and wide. She has completed rigorous leadership training multiple times, participated in national youth leadership programs, staffed winter camps, and embarked on high-adventure treks covering significant distances.

Courtney’s accolades extend beyond her scouting achievements, with additional awards recognizing her prowess in outdoor activities and her membership in esteemed organizations like the Order of the Arrow.

In recognition of Courtney J. Miller’s exemplary leadership, service, and dedication to scouting, Mayor Pro Tem Adrienne Balkum proudly presented a proclamation as a testament to her outstanding contributions. It serves as a reminder of the transformative power of youth leadership and community engagement, embodying the spirit of service and excellence upheld by Scouts BSA.