Emergency Alert Update


To the residents of McLendon-Chisholm, I wanted to issue a statement to make sure that the citizens that were impacted by the alert sent last night by RCOEM was made for the safety of the citizens. With the storms and amount of water that we had coming into the reservoir and with the amount of land erosion we felt it best to alert those that would be impacted if there were a failure in the dam.

In talking with our Fire Chief and RCOEM we made that decision.

During the night we monitored the site by being on scene as well as monitoring the weather. We made a trail of stakes so that we could watch any shifting in the ground. When we came back on scene again at 1 :00am there was good news that none of the ground had shifted. After we saw the storms were clear from McLendon-Chisholm and we felt that the situation was in hand we made that choice to follow up with other county assistance in the morning to get more eyes on the situation. When walking the line this morning we felt there had been more shifting in the soil and collapsing. At this time, we continued to have the pump come from Ellis County.

Once the state representative with Water and Soil was on scene we made an assessment that the dam was functioning. While there is damage the dam is safe. The citizens should not be concerned. With that we are still going to monitor the dam. The dam has been inspected by the state today and last was inspected in 2023.

The damage will be addressed, and we will work on repairing the dam. We appreciate all the assistance from City Officials, RCOEM, RCSO and the MCFD.

Thank you

Bryan McNeal