National Public Works week graphic.

The City of McLendon-Chisholm joined communities around the country in honoring the employees who play an important role in keeping the community safe and functioning smoothly.

Mayor Keith Short proclaimed May 21 – May 27 as National Public Works Week. He recognized the City of Rockwall Public Works and Pump Tech Supervisor Shon Bellah at the City Council Meeting.

“We encourage all citizens to educate themselves with the efforts involved with public works and recognize the contributions that the City of Rockwall public works officials make every day to our health, safety and comfort and quality of life,” said Mayor Short. “We want to thank the extraordinary contributions that Shon Bellah has made to the City of McLendon-Chisholm community for the timely service; and coordinating efforts with neighboring service providers.”

Connecting the World Through Public Works is the theme for 2023 and illustrates how public works connects us all through infrastructure and service, enhancing the quality of life for the communities these professionals serve.

Public Works proclamation made by Mayor Short.
Above: Mayor Short (left) and Mayor Pro Tem Andrienne Balkum (right) celebrate the work of Rockwall Public Works employees. Left picture with Shon Bellah, Pump Tech Supervisor and Amy Williams, P.E. Director of Public Works. Right picture with Shon Bellah and his son Allen.