Storm damaged tree limbs stacked on a residential curb.

Beginning June 22, CWD will begin sweeping the entire City for storm related debris / brush. We appreciate your continued patience as storm cleanup is still estimated to take up to 1 month.

The debris removal process will continue until every street in city limits has been covered. This will be a one-time sweep of the city so if your debris is not out when CWD comes by your home, they will not return to pick it up.

In order to ensure your debris is picked up, please have it out by June 21st.

CWD will complete the sweep as quickly as possible, however, this is addition to their day-to-day operations so it may take multiple weeks before it is completed.

Cut limbs to 5-7 foot lengths, weighing no more than 150 pounds. Smaller limbs enable crews to use rear loaders and other equipment in addition to the large claw truck. Larger limbs (10-12 foot lengths) will take longer to collect.

Place limbs, neatly stacked, curbside clear of mailboxes, fire hydrants, cars, fences, trees, water meters, etc. All material should be at the curb for collection, not in the street. Material not placed out by June 21st will not be collected as part of this storm cleanup.

Most storm cleanup will occur on the weekend as CWD continues to run its regular trash/recycle routes. Remember, the extent of the storm has stretched available resources throughout our City and many others. There is only so much equipment available for debris removal. We understand your frustration but are unable to provide a specific day of service for residents due to the many variables crews face, including landfill wait times.

Free Drop-Off: Residents have the ability to bring storm related debris to the roll off containers located at City Hall until Monday, June 24th. Please do not overload the containers if they are full.

Remember, professional services should include an option to remove and dispose of storm debris from your property. If you are going to use a tree service/contractor, they must haul away the debris after work is completed, not place at the curb for CWD to collect.