Oncor Vegetation Management

With the recent storm damage to trees and vegetation Oncor have provided a summary of their vegetation management.

  1. Mission and Focus:
    • Oncor’s Vegetation Management program aims to proactively minimize vegetation-related hazards to protect customers and prevent power outages.
    • Routine tree pruning, storm damage mitigation, and responsible tree planting are key components of this program.
  2. Distribution Network:
    • The electric distribution network delivers power from substations to homes and businesses through overhead wires and underground cables.
    • Trees near distribution equipment can cause outages, so proper vegetation management is crucial for safety and reliability.
  3. Safety Measures:
    • Per Texas state law, only line clearance certified personnel approved by Oncor can work within 6 feet of high voltage lines.
    • Non-certified personnel should stay at least 10 feet away from high voltage lines.
    • To report hazardous tree situations near power lines, customers can call Oncor at 888.313.6862.
  4. Transmission Network:
    • Tree trimming and mowing are essential for long-term grid reliability of transmission towers.
    • Oncor maintains transmission rights-of-way to reduce costs and prevent clearance violations.
    • Easements grant Oncor access to remove trees and obstructions.
    • Safety and preservation of endangered species are also considered.

For more detailed information, you can refer to Oncor’s FAQ Page.